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'Your stretch marks look like lighting bolts.'

Ren frowned, not seeing it. He studied his big, pale belly, resting in a pool in his lap, then looked back at Mika.

'Lightning bolts?'

Mika shuffled closer.

'Can I touch your belly?'

Ren hesitated. '...Alright.'

With a finger, Mika lightly traced the pattern of Ren's stretch marks across the sides of his big belly, which quivered at the contact. He'd gained so much weight so quickly... 'See the way they curve? They look like lightning bolts.' Mika repeated.

'Whatever.' Ren sighed, pulling his shirt back down. 'I hate having a big belly. It feels so unnatural sitting in my lap.'

'Does it? I guess I'm used to it since I've always been fat. I never thought you'd be fat too, Ren.'

Ren made a face. Even with his softened features, he was heart-stoppingly beautiful. 'I guess I'm a fatty for the near future then...'

'Hey, we can share clothes.'

'I guess.'

'If you have problems, you can ask me.'

'My... My thighs rub together when I walk.'

'Oh, that happens to me too. It's why I never wear shorts.'

Ren frowned. 'But I like shorts.'

'Then you'll have to suffer for style.

'Ugh. I don't care so much about what other people say, but I hate how inconvenient all this weight is.' He paused. 'It is nice to finally have an ass.'

'You have some killer curves, Ren.'

'Yeah, sure. Daigo keeps calling me a hippo.'

Mika tensed up.

'I don't really care because he's an idiot. But it's frustrating. I used to be so slim... And now he's right.' Ren stuck his tongue out. 'Even if he likes fat boys, I don't want to be one of them.'

'That's true, Daigo likes fatter boys...'

'I wish he'd get fat and see what it feels like to balloon up! Yesterday I was tying back my hair for gym and when I lifted my arms they jiggled a little so of course he had to comment on that, but more embarrassingly, he insisted on telling me that my belly was hanging out under my t-shirt. And he keeps slapping my hips. Maya needs to control him better.'

Mika nodded, not saying anything.

'I know he teased me when I was skinny too, but I think it's gotten worse. Perhaps because it's easier to tease a fatty. Even though he never teases Maya like that, although Maya is a very shy boy... He wouldn't like that...'

'If it bothers you you should say something.' Mika said sharply.

'It doesn't bother me, it's just irritating. Is something wrong? You sound angry...' Ren started stroking Mika's fat arm gently. 'I'm sorry for talking about my weight so negatively, but this is all new to me. Or is it Daigo? I know you still like him a lot but you've been so kind not to say anything to Maya.'

'He likes Maya and Maya likes him a lot. Besides... Maya deserves him, God knows he needs a break.' Mika sighed.

'You're a nice person, Mika.' Ren smiled.

'I don't think it's nice exactly, since Daigo never showed any interest in me to begin with. It's not like I lost anything. I guess... When I learned he liked fat boys I thought... Maybe...'

'I understand.' Ren said sympathetically. 'He's very charming, even if I think he's an idiot.'

'Did you just admit you think he's charming?'

'Shut up.'

'I knew it. You secretly love him.'

'I do not! Mika, stop it! What are you doing with that phone?'

'I'm telling Daigo you love him.'

Ren shrieked and grabbed for the phone, but his excess bulk slowed him down and he ended up falling on top of Mika, their big bellies pressing together as they collapsed onto the floor in a fit of laughter, still wrestling for the phone.

'Ren this cost me a fortune, stop it!'

'Do not send that message! I will eat you!' Ren eventually rolled off of Mika, out of breath from the tussle. 'I'm way too fat to be doing things like this...' He sighed. His long, violet hair fanned out behind him on the floor. 'I hate you.'

'Daigo replied. He said, I KNEW IT.'


'I know you really do like him, Ren'

'That is not something I will ever admit. Out loud.' Ren tugged his shirt back down. It had rolled up during the scuffle, displaying a generous portion of pale, wobbling belly.

'Ren, you're such a pretty fatty.' Mika teased.

'Shut up.'

'With your pretty eyes and pretty long, shiny hair and your pretty pale skin.'

'Our skin is the same colour.'

'You're definitely paler,' Mika said, holding his fat arm against Ren's. 'See.'

'So I am. I think that means I look wider.'

'You've still got a bit to go before you get to my size.'

'20 pounds should do it.'

'You think so? Then let's go out for pizza tonight.' Mika took both of Ren's plump arms and heaved him into sitting position.

'I'm going to be as fat as Maya if I keep this up.' Ren sighed.

'Rennnnnnnn, I love how soft you are now~' Mika teased, pulling him into a hug. 'Now instead of smothering you with my belly, yours is almost as big and they smush together. It's kind of cute~'

'You are enjoying this way too much.'

'And when you laugh, your whole body jiggles. It's selfish, but I love how fat you've become. You're still the most beautiful boy I've ever met but now you're soft when I hug you.' Mika mumbled into Ren's plump shoulder.

'That is selfish. If I get a wish I'm wishing to be thin again.'

'I thought you were wishing for a pony.'

'... If I get two wishes I'm wishing to be thin again.'

Mika took a few strands of Ren's hair and started plaiting them together, while Ren checked his phone.

'The tips of your hair are so shiny it looks like there's little crystals in it.' Mika said softly.

'You know that's part of my condition. Daigo says it hurts his eyes to look at it for too long. If you're thinking of getting pizza tonight shouldn't we leave soon?'

'We can order in, maybe. I want to personally feed you so much pizza you balloon like a bunny.'

'I don't think that's a phrase.'

'I needed to invent a new phrase specifically for pretty boys who get super fat.'

Ren kept scrolling through his Facebook. 'I want to go out though. I don't think this place does delivery.' He showed Mika a restaurant from his news feed. 'I think that's bulgogi on pizza, I definitely want to try that.'

'Will you promise to eat more than me.' Mika asked, leaning on Ren's shoulder.

'I promise, bae.' Ren kissed his nose.

As they walked, Mika linked arms with Ren and rested his head against his shoulder. Ren was a lot fatter now, but he was still taller so Mika was able to comfortably lean against him. As they walked, Mika enjoyed the synchronised sway of their hips and light jiggle of their bellies. Since Ren was wearing shorts, his thighs wobbled noticeably with every step.

'You want to ask Maya or Kai to eat with us?' Ren asked.

'No, I don't want to share you...' Mika said stubbornly.

Ren laughed.

'I think there's enough of me to share... But if you want me all to yourself, I won't argue.' Ren playfully tugged Mika's blue ponytail.

'I wonder if Kai's fat right now too.' Mika said.

'He's a little soft right now, but nowhere near as big as us.'

'Us. I like how you said us.' Mika smiled slyly.

'Well, it's true. But anyway, I think he's taking a lot of gym right now, so he can't get too big.'

'He normally gets huge over the summer.'

'That's because he gets lazy. He forgets he gains weight so easily. Like me.' Ren sighed.

'... Ren, do you really hate being fat?' Mika asked, sounding worried.

'No, sweetie, I don't hate it. It's just inconvenient for me. This is the place.' Ren lead them into a small but stylish looking restaurant. He held up two fingers to the waiter (his fingers were still slender, despite everything else) who lead them both to a booth. Both boys slowly squeezed in.

'Honestly, this is ridiculous.' Ren exhaled, as he felt his stomach press against the table.

'I think all the other places are full.' Mika said, looking around.'Too much belly or too much butt?'

'Both. I'll be alright though. What about you?'

'I'm used to it. Menu.' Mika passed him the book and the two boys prepared for a feast.


'Ren, I know you're ridiculously pretty, but do you really need that much of you? I honestly don't know how much longer you're going to be able to fit through doors at the rate you're piling on the pounds.'

Ren's eyes glazed over as the tall, dark-haired boy approached him.

'Good morning, Daigo.' He said, boredly.

Daigo crossed his arms. 'You're just so FAT.'

'I'm aware.'

'You can't even walk properly anymore - your hips are so wide you just waddle.'

'Do you talk to Maya like this? I don't think he would appreciate it.'

'You know you're my number one babe, Ren. Come here, tubby.' Daigo laughed, pulling him into a hug. 'I could never talk to Maya like this, but I know you can take it. Besides, I hear under all that padding you secretly love me.'



'You're looking in the wrong place.'

'I'm going to pin you down until you admit it.'




'... Except not really here. But I'll definitely do it later during lunch.'


'Ren, you've gotten so chubby now, you're almost as big as Maya~' Felice sang, tail swaying playfully, offering him an orange as he lowered himself slowly to the ground.

'Idiot, Maya doesn't like you talking like that.' Ren said, glancing at said boy, who looked upset. 'Don't let that upset you, Maya, he has no self-awareness.'

'But I didn't say anything bad! I just sad you were chubby, like Maya! Chubby isn't a bad thing! I'm chubby too...' Like most kittens, Felice had a different perception of weight to most people.  'Maya~ Maya~ I think it's cute how soft you are!' Felice leaned over and nuzzled into Maya, who stroked his head.

The other half kitten boy, Kai, sighed. 'Feliiiiice. He doesn't like when you call him that.' He said quietly. Unlike the other three, Kai was only slightly soft around the middle.

'I - I don't mind! I know he means well.' Maya said, trying to smile. 'How is Mika?' He asked Ren, trying to change the subject.

'He only has one more week at the internship, then he's coming back to school.' The purple-haired boy explained.

'I want Mika to come back soon, I hate when he's not here.' Felice said sadly.

'This is important to him.' Kai said quietly. 'But it will be nice to see him again all the same.'

'Maya, you must miss him loads!' Felice said.

Maya blushed, his pale pink fringe falling over his face. 'O-of course...' He mumbled, not looking at Felice.

Mika and him hadn't spoken a lot lately...

'Get out of his face.' Kai instructed, pulling the fatter kitten back, but Felice took this as an opportunity to pounce on Kai.

'Get off!' As the two kittens scuffled, Ren moved closer to Maya.

'You haven't heard from him much lately?'

Maya looked close to tears.

'I really think I did something wrong, he never normally-'

'I promise you didn't do anything wrong. If he's not in contact, it's because he's got his own reasons. Don't worry so much. Did you do anything nice this weekend with Daigo?' Ren tried to take his mind away.

'We went to an amusement park.' Maya said, wiping away a tear. 'I was too big for a lot of the rides but he was really nice about it. It must be frustrating for him.'

'Sweetheart, it doesn't matter to him in the slightest. It sounds like a fun weekend.'

'Afterwards he took me to a sushi restaurant and he ordered so much food. He kept telling me to try everything...' Maya blushed.

They heard footsteps and before he could turn around, Maya felt an arm on his shoulder.

'Hi babe,' Daigo sat down, kissing his cheek. 'Hi tubby.' This was directed at Ren.

'A group of fatties yet you single me out?' Ren raised an eyebrow.

'You're the fattest.' Daigo teased.

Ren sighed. This was going to be a long lunch.

'Hey Maya, do you want to walk home together or would you prefer to be alone?'

The pink haired boy looked up to see Kai - the leopard kitten - walk over to him.

'Of course we can walk together but what about Felice?'

'He's annoying today so I told him to leave me alone until he's calmed down.'

Maya laughed quietly. Kai was usually extremely careful about peoples' feelings, unless it was Felice. Then he was as blunt as an axe.

'I want to sleep as soon as I get home but if I sleep I'll forget to wake up and then I'll have no homework done...' Kai sighed, as the two began to walk together.

'Do you have a lot of homework?'

'Always. And it's too hard.'

'I can help you if you need me too.' Maya offered.

'No, I'm stupid and you'll lose patience. Even if you don't want to say it out loud, you'll become annoyed inside.'

'You're not stupid, Kai.' Maya patted his arm.

'Yes I am. Not as stupid as Felice but because I'm a kitten I'll always be stupider than normal people. But it's okay, because I know it.'

'You shouldn't put yourself down like that.' Maya said gently.

'I'm sorry if I'm making you uncomfortable, I didn't mean to do that. Actually I wanted to ask if you were okay. You didn't look so happy when Felice asked you about Mika.'

Maya sighed.

'The truth is, he hasn't been responding much to my messages. I don't understand, we used to talk all the time but ever since I started going out with Daigo... I miss him...' He said sadly.

'I'm sure it's nothing to worry about. Mika doesn't get angry at people, especially not you. You're his best friend, apart from Ren.'

'I think he likes Ren a lot more than me...' Maya sighed.

'He likes both you, but if you're worried you should talk to him. And if you can't talk to him you can talk to me or Ren.'

'Thank you Kai, you're so kind. And you're NOT stupid...' Maya smiled, but honestly the situation with Mika was worrying him far more than he let on...
This is totally way more important than homework...

Hi, I'm sorry the grammar and writing is so bad but after reading :icondebu-neko-kun: goodness I wanted to write about my own fat pretty boys
Also I'm sorry if some things don't make sense I originally wrote the prologue but I don't like it so I skipped straight to the story
Ren is a bae
I'll draw them all soon
they're all crystal boys bc they're so shiny *w* even their fat is shiny the real reason is candy cant think of a title
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CherryBosom Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2015  Student Digital Artist
I-I'm in looooooove with Ren and Mika! Long purple hair. lBue ponytail. *dies*
I can't wait to see them! It's funny how they just toss around the word "fatties"
Oooh Daigo a chubby chaser eh? ^3^ Just picturing him in that group with all
the beautifull plush boys ah! *flops around* His teasing is so cute too! 
CandyKittenXx Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I neeeeeeded boys with multi-coloured hairrrr *w* I've just sketched Mika and Ren but I'll wait to get the other four tooooo (lmao they're just sketches but I'll draw some of them properly too)
I'm so so glad you liked it ;w;
fojono Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2015
>see story from candy


This was so cute to read~
CandyKittenXx Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
penguinguy Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2015
I'm only half way in but I am going to say this is awesome thank you ^^
CandyKittenXx Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm so glad you like it!!
Debu-Neko-Kun Featured By Owner Edited Nov 10, 2015  Student Writer
Oh my goodness... these boys... they're so fluffy and so cute I need to lay down a minute 030
 And that dialogue is maximum adorable, I giggled so much at that two wishes line X3
I love the way they interact, especially with Daigo's teasing!
I loved it all, fantastic work (and I'm so happy I inspired this~ :hug: ^3^ )
CandyKittenXx Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
All of your sweethearts made me really want to write something super fluffy about fat pretty boys with purple and blue hair *w* /proper obsessed
fanedfox Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2015
I liked it, a bit different.  Are the character human or anthro?  I was a little confused.  Nice little story.  I really liked the dialog between about how they felt about their fat and gaining.

Ned Fox
CandyKittenXx Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Kai and Felice are part kitten (an all male genetic disorder that results in ears and a tail, kitten like behaviour and prone to gaining enormous amounts of weight =w= )

The rest are human ^^
DeathTheKid89 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2015
This is a good story! ^^
CandyKittenXx Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you ^^
DeathTheKid89 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2015
Your welcome! ^^
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