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WGC - Page 4 by CandyKittenXx WGC - Page 4 :iconcandykittenxx:CandyKittenXx 201 25 WGC - Page 3 by CandyKittenXx WGC - Page 3 :iconcandykittenxx:CandyKittenXx 222 77 WGC - Page 2 by CandyKittenXx WGC - Page 2 :iconcandykittenxx:CandyKittenXx 145 53 WGC - Page 1 by CandyKittenXx WGC - Page 1 :iconcandykittenxx:CandyKittenXx 254 75 assASSination classroom by CandyKittenXx assASSination classroom :iconcandykittenxx:CandyKittenXx 312 73
Male WG Story Collection 6
Collection of unfinished chub-related stories...
'Has anyone ever told you that you've got a smile that could light up whole cities?'
Maki barely attempted to fight his smile, practically purring in approval at the compliment. Though he was used to hearing flattering things about his appearance, there was something about Matt's piercing blue eyes and alluringly cool voice that almost made him blush. Almost.
'What do you mean by that?' Maki hummed, willing Matt to continue. He liked being showered with compliments, especially about his looks. With his short, stylish haircut and silky dark eyes Maki was a very beautiful boy.
Matt unfurled his arms to stretch, his basketball uniform riding up to display his toned midsection. Tossing his shock of white hair back, he took a step closer to Maki.
'I'm sure you hear that a lot.' He grinned, reaching out to gently tap Maki's shoulder.
'Do I?' Maki returned nonchalantly.
'So tell me, pretty boy. Do you have a girlfriend?' This seeme
:iconcandykittenxx:CandyKittenXx 40 17
Nagisa by CandyKittenXx Nagisa :iconcandykittenxx:CandyKittenXx 180 31 Soft Around the Edges by CandyKittenXx Soft Around the Edges :iconcandykittenxx:CandyKittenXx 413 77 Magician's Butt by CandyKittenXx Magician's Butt :iconcandykittenxx:CandyKittenXx 226 43
Shuu x Ken :Chubby Cuddles:
'Shuu's gotten so fat...'
'It's such a pity! He used to be so cool...'
'His face is still cool, but he's huge now...!'
'His hips are so wide, and his belly hangs over his waist...'
'He must have really stuffed himself over the break...'
As patches of conversation drifted through the air around him, Ken found himself focusing on the discussion of a few of his female classmates in particular.
Could they be talking about... That Shuu...?
Ken subconsciously tugged his heavy sweater lower over his belly, though this action did nothing to counter the disapproving stares of his classmates as they passed by him in the hallway. Ken was exceptionally overweight and extremely conscious about his huge size. Though rather short, his belly hung low over his waist in a swollen droop; his booty jutting out far behind him; his arms sagging heavily by his soft sides and his big soft thighs thwishing together as he waddled down the hallway.
They said That Shuu's gotten fat...?
Ken kept his head down as h
:iconcandykittenxx:CandyKittenXx 60 17
Chubby Kirino by CandyKittenXx Chubby Kirino :iconcandykittenxx:CandyKittenXx 280 128 Big Fatty Cow Boy by CandyKittenXx Big Fatty Cow Boy :iconcandykittenxx:CandyKittenXx 327 30 Chubby Sun is Best Boy by CandyKittenXx Chubby Sun is Best Boy :iconcandykittenxx:CandyKittenXx 231 61 Chubby Kitty by CandyKittenXx Chubby Kitty :iconcandykittenxx:CandyKittenXx 285 28 GIRL - Vanessa by CandyKittenXx GIRL - Vanessa :iconcandykittenxx:CandyKittenXx 207 30 Hikabutt by CandyKittenXx Hikabutt :iconcandykittenxx:CandyKittenXx 251 72


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candy xoxox
This journal is long overdue but I was really hesitant to make it because I could change my mind any second. But for now it seems the chubs are taking a hiatus.

Idk I could change my mind super quickly, but there's a lot going on right now and I want to focus on Japanese. I feel a bit lost and as comforting as drawing fats would be I don't think it's a good idea right now. I'll get to absorbed in it.

I hope you guys stick around~ I'll come back in a few months. Or tomorrow, who knows.


This journal is long overdue but I was really hesitant to make it because I could change my mind any second. But for now it seems the chubs are taking a hiatus.

Idk I could change my mind super quickly, but there's a lot going on right now and I want to focus on Japanese. I feel a bit lost and as comforting as drawing fats would be I don't think it's a good idea right now. I'll get to absorbed in it.

I hope you guys stick around~ I'll come back in a few months. Or tomorrow, who knows.
Regarding commissions - I haven't forgotten, I promise! Serious apologies on my part, but I will take care of the four I have left, starting in about a week.

Regarding regular art - not sure tbh, the next few weeks are going to be busy setting up my new life in Japan so idk if I'll have much time to draw apart from the pictures I owe people. Sorry about this! I'll get back to drawing eventually, just not right now.


So Saturday is the big move to Japan with the JET Programme :  D I'll be living in a small city in Kyoto, and I am 80% excited and 20% omg what if I don't understand any Japanese...  but the whole point of jet for me is to work on improving my Japanese...

For the past two days I've been watching American trash tv (catfish, 90 day fiancé...) and it's probably just me freaking out about the language and cultural barrier in Japan but I'm here thinking, hey American food looks pretty great and the cities look huge, I should just go live there... but I do think that's just me panicking... I hope... but I think I know in my heart there's not much pulling me back to Ireland... I have more to say I just don't feel like writing it. I don't feel like doing anything... I even stopped cleaning up after my brother and cooking dinner for hm and dad... I am definitely ready to no longer have to clean up and make dinner for the brother. I don't mind it for dad bc he works all day but brother is unemployed and refuses to find a job and is incredibly dirty so I feel frustrated cleaning up after him... Hah, this turned into a rant about my brother. I don't mind cooking and cleaning for a guy, but they've gotta do something in return, like work.

Look I'm probably talking shite about America bc its not like I live there or know it but it seems to me it's a lot easier to become 'accepted' as being American if you move there permanently and try to fit in, compared to other countries. I wonder what it would be like to be foreign in America. Do Americans like Irish, I wonder? That's what I hear. The food looks like there's SO MUCH variety and I'm especially interested in the food down south. The big cities look pretty amazing too. But there's still big cultural differences between Americans and Irish... The biggest one I can think of is having the right to carry guns; I don't think I could ever adapt to that. I think I'll satisfy my fascination with the USA by traveling in holidays there in the next two years probably.

I'm gonna miss my cats so much...

There's a mister donut in the next train station over.

I hope I'm not unfriendly and awkward with all the new people I'll meet.

I hope I can easily speak Japanese to people.

I hope I can find some cool doujin and magazines when I visit ikebukuro on Sunday.

I met a Japanese guy living in the Irish countryside two days ago, how random is that?

I commissioned someone to draw my chubby OC Bao and I really looking forward to seeing it.

One of the new main supporting characters in the new Inazuma eleven series is short and chubby but not comic relief so I'm really coming forward to him.

They have Costco in Japan??? I am gonna buy bulk everything!

... Sorry this was all over the place, that's where my mind is at. The next time I go on dA I'll be in Japan probably.

Thanks to anyone who read this far. Also sorry. And thanks for patience with no art.



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